• Tyson Cargal

    The I's are Really We's and U’s because I cannot do this alone.
  • Joey Misewicz is Visible, Sober, Strong, & Free

    "I Wear it proudly, thing is there is magic in this ring. Like the lord of the rings, or the opposite actually. When I wear it I am visible."
  • Tatiana Johnson

    during my stressful boards I wore it as a reminder of all the work I have put into myself to become the person I am proud of today! I love my ring and that spark of confidence and strength it gives me.
  • Jason Rudeen, PRS, Co-Host's "The Way Out" podcast

    Don't let fear stop you from what you deserve. You won't understand it at first, but more will be revealed as you trudge the road of happy destiny. Take the leap, and surrender!! You're worth it!
  • Charlie LeVoir Host’s “The Way Out” Podcast

    “I wear my amazing All Recovery Rings, which was hand crafted out of a 12 Step recovery medallion by Mr. Christopher Falck. I wear it every day and get all sorts of compliments on it! I pray at night, thanking my higher power for the day; no matter what kind of day it was. My recovery ring reminds me of what I’m trying to be today; which is the best example of a recovery I can be!”
  • Amanda Nelson @ www.PatchedWagns.com

    I absolutely love my Guardian Angel ring. It serves as a constant reminder to me of how far I’ve come and the family I’ve gained along the way.
    -Amanda Nelson
  • Ryan Brown @BrownCo.co

    Ryan Brown/Recovery ally

    I support a few recovery organizations and All Recovery Rings through my job as a photo/ video producer. You can find me here: www.brownco.co
  • Recovery Matters

    Addiction is a Preventable Deadly Disease! Thank You for Doing Your Part!