Joey Misewicz is Visible, Sober, Strong, & Free

Joey Misewicz is Visible, Sober, Strong, & Free

Joey Misewicz

a Edina Hornet originally from Crested Butte, Colorado, is a Self-Employed, Stone Artist, Skier, Climber, Friend, Lover of God, Lover of Sobriety, and Loves Life and the Gift of Giving! Joey & I have become Good Friends as has Continues to Upgrad his Recovery Ring Collection, Giving Some Away as Recovery Gifts over the last few years and Here is what He has to say about All Recovery Rings;   

“I Wear it proudly, thing is there is Magic in this Ring. Like the Lord of the Rings, or the Opposite Actually. When I wear it I am Visible. I am Breaking the Stigma, it's a Badge of Honor and Awareness I bring forth to Myself, My fellows & the rest of the World. It Gives Me Strength and Courage in ways I couldn’t imagine. It looks back at me and says I'm Recovering, I am strong. With this Ring I thee Live........Sober, Strong and Free. Thanks to my good friend, Christopher Lee Falck” 

(God Bumps) 


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