Tyson Cargal

Tyson Cargal

Almost 4 years ago I was homeless, hopeless, and spiritually bankrupt. When I moved into The Truman House, I had a backpack with everything I owned in it, which wasn't much. I started by following the rules of The Truman House (following rules was something I never did) by doing that my attitude towards life began to change. I got a sponsor and started a thorough working of the 12 steps and SLOWLY more change followed.


At 14 months clean and sober I enrolled in college and fought my fear and self-doubt. In two weeks, I graduate with my Associates Degree and a 3.9 GPA, I am a member of the Student Leadership Academy, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and the Winner of the Sir Isaac Houston Award. I dedicate my life to service today by sponsoring others and getting involved in anything I can in the Community.


I am the director of 4 recovery homes in Vigo County that house 38 male residents at full capacity. I also take a course called Truth ought into a local county jail, to help guys like me change their thought process. I am also an active participant in The Recovery Advocacy Project for the state of Indiana.  Today I can be a father, son, brother, and productive member of society.


This would not have been possible without help from everyone that has supported and encouraged me to work towards greatness. The I's are Really We's and U’s because I cannot do this alone.


Thank you to everyone that has taken time out of their life to help me in ways most would not understand. I do not write this post in a bragging manner; this post is intended to provide hope to anyone out their struggling in any aspect of life. REACH OUT ASK FOR HELP I DID AND MY WHOLE LIFE CHANGED.


The greatest currency known to man is the effect we have on other people, today I choose to have a positive effect on others. I still have a long road ahead of me and so much work to do, with God and amazing people on my side WE ARE BLESSED AND UNSTOPPABLE. If I can do this anyone can, I believe in you.


Tyson Cargal Director, Truman House 812-229-7244    

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